At the Nexus of the Upper 
East Side and East Harlem

​​Located on the corner of East 103rd St and 2nd Ave in East Harlem, 1998 2nd Ave is steps from Central Park, East River Greenway, and landmark establishments like Rao’s and Patsy’s Pizzeria—not to mention a short cab ride away from the best dining and shopping experiences New York has to offer. Here, in this spirited slice of Manhattan, you’ll find the city’s best jazz, cuchifritos, street art, exhibitions, architecture, and late-night conversation.


Discover the neighborhood through a series of curated guides.

Patsy’s Pizzeria

Aqui Me Quedo1998 Second Ave

96th Street Subway Station

At the Nexus of the Upper 
East Side and Harlem

1998 Second Avenue is conveniently located in the heart of Manhattan, just a short walk or cab ride away to the best that New York Has to offer.

The Spirit of East Harlem MuralPerch Restaurant & Bar

East Harlem Bottling Co.

El Barista Cafe

Central Park Street Food

Iconic Brownstone ArchitectureBarber Shops / East Harlem

Bobby Wagner Walk / East River

Dell’aria Italian Coffee RoasterDog Walking

Metropolitan Museum of Art / Museum Mile

Conservatory Garden / Central Park

  • 96th Street Subway
    • 0.6 mile / 13 min walk
  • East River Esplanade
    • 0.4 mile / 9 min walk
  • Conservatory Gardens / Central Park
    • 0.6 mile / 14 min walk
  • Harlem Meer / Central Park
    • 1.1 mile / 22 min walk
  • Whole Foods
    • 0.9 mile / 19 min walk
  • Target
    • 1.1 mile / 23 min walk

* Distances are approximate

  • Guggenheim Museum
    • 1.2 mile / 9 min cab ride
  • The Metropolitan Museum of Art
    • 1.6 mile / 11 min cab ride
  • Columbia University
    • 1.9 mile / 15 min cab ride
  • Icahn School of Medicine
    • 0.3 mile / 8 min walk
  • Carl Schurz Park
    • 1 mile / 21 walk
  • Graffiti Hall of Fame
    • 0.5 mile / 11 walk

The Day-Long Date

Whether you’re planning for a weekend visitor or simply winging a day off, this itinerary is quintessentially New York. From dawn until dusk, Upper Manhattan buzzes with excitement — and it’s ready to take you with it.


If you find starting the day without a cup of coffee nearly impossible, you’re in good company. Luckily, the neighborhood boasts myriad coffee shops — we like Dell’Aria for its drink assortment, ambiance, and delicious homemade gelato. Take a cup on the go or post up and enjoy this bustling neighborhood spot.

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02 / Museum Mile

Hit the streets while it’s still early and make for Museum Mile before it fills with fellow art lovers. The short trip downtown features stunning Upper East Side mansions, National Historic Landmarks, and a side of green by way of Central Park, which borders the mile on one side. The Met is a perfect mid-morning reward for an early walk.

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Celebrate the neighborhood’s duality by departing its mansion-lined streets and seek something greener. Both Maggie’s Magic Garden and El Sitio Feliz offer community-based green spaces with ample opportunity to relax, people watch, read, play, and connect with neighbors.

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Once you’ve worked up an appetite, make a beeline for Alison, where you can indulge any and every craving. With broadly American-inspired drinks and dishes that range from buffalo wings to fresh oysters and craft cocktails, you’ll find a little something for everyone — we’ll cheers to that.

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Dell’aria Coffe Roastery
The Metropolitan Museum of Art
El Sito Feliz Community Garden 
Alison Restaurant & Bar


Whether you’re in the mood for poblanos or just a good, ol’ slice of pizza, these surrounds have offerings to whet any appetite — at any time of the day.


Start the morning with a leisurely brunch at Barcha, a family-owned eatery focused on comfort food and serving up Latin-Mediterranean fusion with heart. The vibe at Barcha is like an extension of your own living room —  but with better food. 

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02 / Late Afternoon Drinks

Step into Santiago’s Beer Garden, and you’ll wonder if you’ve left Manhattan entirely for an island of a different flavor. With abundant greenery, a mirage of color, and free-flowing spirits, Santiago’s is definitely on vacation time. Serving up Dominican comfort food and unique drinks, it’s the perfect place for either an afternoon pit-stop or an evening long-haul — you’ll receive a warm welcome either way.

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Known for being one of New York’s most exclusive restaurants, Rao’s is hallowed ground for Italians and pasta lovers alike. A community mainstay since the late 1800s, Rao’s is also one of the oldest family-owned restaurants in the country. If you’re lucky enough to get a table, order the lemon chicken or the meatballs (it’s a toss-up). While there, you may spot your neighbors — and if you’re lucky, some of NYC’s biggest cultural legends. 

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04 / Dessert

If you’re one of the many who need “a little something sweet” at the end of the night, do yourself a favor and head for Lloyd’s, a family-owned bakery that just so happens to make the best carrot cake in the tri-state.

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Santiago’s Beer Garden
Lloyd’s Carrot Cake

A Neighborhood CONNECTION

New York is built on stories and your neighborhood is no different. From its iconic barber shops, longstanding cultural history, and proximity to the rest of Upper Manhattan’s myriad offerings, there’s always something new to explore, learn, and appreciate.

01 / MURAL

The essential character of El Barrio is illustrated beautifully in its most striking mural: The Spirit of East Harlem, a must-visit for those in the area. Painted over five years in the 1970s by Hank Prussing, it lovingly depicts the earlier Latin American communities that poured their hearts and souls into the area. Go to pay homage to these community-builders and bring a camera.

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02 / Graffiti Hall of Fame

If there was ever a good reason to go back to school, this is it: to scope out some graffiti. You heard us right — this neighborhood boasts one of the city’s most prolific collections of street art, all contained within the walls of the Jackie Robinson Educational Complex. Visit on weekends to check out the colorful displays: established and aspiring graffiti artists constantly repaint the walls — maybe they’ll inspire a little tagging of your own.

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03 / Lunch at Teranga

For a colorful experience, stop by the Africa Center, which is just a short walk away on the Upper East Side. While there, tuck into a meal at its in-house restaurant, Teranga. Teranga highlights food from across the continent, so whether you’re craving an ancient grain bowl based on recipes from West Africa, a Moroccan Chermoula, or a vegan or gluten-free option, there’s something on the menu for you.

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04 / Iconic Barber Shops

In need of a clean cut? Walk off lunch with a stroll around the neighborhood. You won’t miss the many candy striped poles that belong to some of the most iconic cultural staples — barber shops. Barber shops are much more than a place to get a haircut, they are cultural hubs for conversation and community. 

The Spirit of East Harlem Mural
Graffiti Hall of Fame
Iconic Barber Shops

Fresh-Air Fun

For many, New York’s great outdoors hold more interest than its towering buildings. Spend the day outside with this perfectly planned route that showcases the natural beauty at the intersection of East Harlem and the Upper East Side.

01 / East Harlem Farmers Market

Start your day at the East Harlem Farmers Market, where you can do the weekly grocery shop, peruse household necessities, pick up a homemade pastry, and even treat yourself to a beautiful bunch of freshly-picked flowers — all without stepping foot indoors. Mingle with local vendors and neighbors, and continue the stroll into nearby UES for more people-watching and sightseeing.

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Pack a picnic, jump on a bike, or take your favorite furry companion for a walk and make your way to the Harlem Meer — Central Park’s most beautiful corner. Relax, read, or explore along the water’s edge — or, if you’re feeling adventurous, participate in catch-and-release fishing programs or swim in the Meer Center.

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03 / Conservatory Gardens

Walk a short distance to Vanderbilt Gate, which marks a passage into the past — and into Central Park’s fabled Conservatory Gardens. There, you’ll find three of the city’s most immaculately landscaped French, Italian, and English-style plots. The six-acre expanse is awash with photo opps and places for quiet repose.

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Urban Garden Center is a third generation, iconic, staple of East Harlem. Once you’ve gotten your fill of the great outdoors, figure out how to incorporate the natural world into your apartment decor. Local plant haven Urban Garden Center is the perfect spot for patrons with a green thumb — or those just aspiring to keep a plant alive in their apartment. 

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Located just a few blocks away from 1998 Second Avenue, the Bobby Wagner Walk, also know as the East River Esplanade is just the escape you’ve been looking for after a fun day exploring the city. This beautiful multi-use pathway that extends in from 90th to 125th Street, is the oldest portion of the Manhattan Waterfront Greenway. Call up a friend or take your dog for a sunset run along the sparkling waterfront.

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East Harlem Farmer’s Market
Harlem Meer
Conservatory Garden
Urban Garden Center
Bobby Wagner Walk

Neighborhood Icons

Discover a few of the notable individuals who have left their mark on the neighborhood.